We are NC Wedding Videographers Alex and James Gould. 

We are filmmakers who love to film weddings. For us, the most profound joys in life come from the love we share with those around us. 

What makes us excited…

What fuels us…

What we adore is filming the amazing people who have loved you and have helped shape you… Because weddings start as a celebration for a bride and a groom but they grow to include so much more. 

We want to connect with couples who see their wedding as a celebration of life, family, and friends.

We hope our work speaks to couples who see value and beauty in the unscripted moments of their day.

We truly believe that you are commissioning us to create a work of art you can treasure for a lifetime.

When we sit down to craft your film we not only think about what you want to see and share in a couple months —- we also think about what you will desire to see 20, 40, 80 years from now. Our heart is to tune into the things that make your day uniquely special and for us those things always revolve around the people who are there. 

We want to create a film that you’ll want to watch again and again. We want your film to be a constant reminder of what is good in your life. Something that will always inspire you to keep living - keep believing - and keep loving! 

Let’s plan a time to meet up soon! We’d love to tell you about our old farm house (which is the inspiration for our logo), how we found our dog Mr. Bennett (yes, he is named after Mr. Bennett from Pride and Prejudice), and exactly what it is like to work with us. Plus, we want to learn more about you and your wedding day! Contact us here