Dance Party at Hudson Manor NC!

On this lovely Friday, James and I just had to take a moment and share a portion of Brandy and Carlton's full length wedding film. It's an oldy but such a goody!!! 

Seriously don't Fridays make you wanna dance? Because sometimes life is exactly like a musical! 

Want to see more photos from Brandy and Carlton wedding? Check out Blest Photography!

One of our favorite things to film and edit is dancing! Real dancing. The kind of dancing that puts a smile on your face because you can tell everyone around you is alive and in tune with how precious the moment is! 

Brandy, Carlton, and all of their friends were such a joy to celebrate with!

Special shout out to Marcus Ward of Moores Entertainment in Raleigh, NC. He was the inspiration behind the turntables. 

If you are planning on dancing as part of your celebration make sure that in the midst of all the planning you take a second to make sure some of your favorite jams are on the playlist. Don't have a favorite song that comes to mind immediately? Here are a few hints for picking songs that will light up the dance floor.:

  • Think back to high school or maybe even middle school. Can you remember a song you used to jam to with friend who are attending your wedding?  Remember CDs? If you have any laying around look to those for inspiration...especially the ones you burnt yourself ;-) 
  • Don't be afraid to play something that puts a smile on your face...even if it isn't the latest hit.
  • Consider a few songs that everyone is likely to know the words to. Some folks who feel silly dancing will make an appearance on the dance floor if singing along to their favorite tune is an option. If you are drawing a blank ask your DJ or band what songs he or she has seen people get the most excited about.
  • When all else fails? Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" and Bon Jovi's "Livin on a Prayer" seem to work every time.