Flashback! Jessica and Sean's Winston-Salem Wedding Video

Jessica and Sean were married 2 years ago in Old Salem. It was a beautiful fresh spring day in April... just like it is today! As they exchanged their vows in the presence of family and friends you could sense their joy and their peace. The moment they were in was so right and it was the beginning of something so special. Today marks the first time they celebrate their anniversary with their precious son! Happy Anniversary to the Sean and Jessica! We are thankful for the joy and peace you bring to this world. 

When we reached out to Jessica to see if we could feature her and her sweet family on our blog she graciously offered some insight into wedding planning. Two years and one adorable son later her advice is so uplifting and encouraging! 

Looking back what moments stand out to you the most and why?  I think about our ceremony and how the world seemed to stop when Sean and I saw each other. I know it seems so corny, but I truly didn't remember hearing our entrance music. We were so in the moment...like a movie. Actually the whole time, from the ceremony on was like that. Sean and I always said the thing we wanted most from our wedding day was for everyone to see and feel our love, and I really think they did. Especially during the ceremony when Sean cried. Haha! Everyone who came told me they cried with him. I hope I never forget how I felt that day! 

If you could give a soon-to-be bride any advice what would it be?  Well everyone is different, and every one's day is a little different. But I think that's what makes weddings so special and wonderful! It was most important to me to choose things that meant something to us and our relationship. From the small details like the perfume I wore to the big ones like the venue, everything had special significance. Even our wonderful photographers/videographers were close friends of a bridesmaid and mutual friends of ours, so we felt so amazingly comfortable with them! The only sort of "regrets" I had was that I use to feel bad Sean and I didn't do better about "doing the rounds", you know going and talking to all the guests. Then I realized, we didn't do that because we were so in the moment, being with each other...and thats not something to regret! Even after being together 7 years we still were, and are, so in love. After almost 9 years together, 2 years married, and a beautiful baby boy I would advice any bride to just live in the moment of your day! Focus on your groom, and your love, and everything else will be perfect...because that's what it's all about!