Shannon and Kevin's Pinehurst, NC Wedding Video

Shannon and Kevin's Pinehurst, NC Wedding was full joy and laughter (and a beautiful sunset!) From the rehearsal dinner to the reception, the sweet details of the day were made even more precious because they were shared with long-time friends and family. It was the perfect way to start their excellent adventure together! 


Want to see more from Shannon and Kevin's Wedding? Check out the weddings photographs by Graham and Samantha on Graham Terhune's Photography Blog.

What we loved most about creating their wedding film: Shannon and Kevin were so carefree on their wedding day! They didn't let stress interfere with the beautiful day they were given. They were constantly laughing and smiling.  I do not think refusing to "sweat the small stuff" is easy... But it is totally worth it!

A bit of wisdom from the wedding: Specific tip from James... Looking for groom and groomsmen attire? Kevin and his friends got their tuxes from The Black Tux company. They fit perfectly. Seriously. And prices start at $95.00. You order custom sizes based on your measurements and your suite or tux is delivered to your door. What could be better? Or easier? Check them out here: The Black Tux 

While we were editing: Spring is here!!! James was born on March 20th so we celebrated his birthday along with the fact that I can finally put away winter coats and pull out my flip flops. (I tell him one of the many ways I knew we were meant to be  was that he was born on the first day of my favorite time of year.)

I couldn't be more thrilled that it's finally warm enough to drink coffee on our front porch. Plus it's time to start brainstorming what to plant in our summer garden. I feel more alive when the weather is warm! 

Looking for Vendors? These folks were the amazing vendor team for Shannon and Kevin's Pinehurst, NC Wedding: Graham and Samantha Terhune of Graham Terhune Photography, NC Wedding Photographer | B&B Catering,  NC WeddingCaterer | Maggie's Farm, NC Wedding Florist | The Bakehouse, NC Baker | The Java Band, NC Wedding Band | The Village Fox, Makeup and Hair Pinehurst, NC