Katharine and Aaron's High Point, NC Wedding Video

We are so excited to share Katharine and Aaron’s wedding film!

People often ask: “Do all weddings start to feel the same after a while?”

The answer is always “No way!” 

More and more couples are choosing to take the time to plan their celebrations together. In doing so they create a celebration that is uniquely personal to them. 

Katharine and Aaron’s wedding is the perfect example!

This couple loves to sing. It is their genuine way of expressing joy. From an impromptu sing-a-long before the ceremony to an Olivia Newton-John and Travolta inspired send off these two completely embraced what they love about life. 

Wow.....just WOW! I need to go to the store and buy more tissues. You and James are so incredibly talented and we cannot thank you enough. You captured every emotion from our 10 hour day into 10 minutes. We are so blessed to have had you both at our wedding! We truly cannot thank you enough for all of your endless hard work. Your work will help us cherish our day forever!
— Aaron

Want to see more from Katharine and Aaron's wedding? Check out the photographs by Scott Hill

What we loved about their wedding: Their last song!!! I don’t think these two will ever regret taking a moment to breathe and reflect on their celebration before heading off for the honeymoon. 

A bit of wisdom from the wedding: If you’re planning on ending your wedding with a dance party, I suggest that you consider a “last song” moment simply because the party can fly by so fast.  A “last song” moment ensures you and your spouse will have a heads up before the DJ wraps the party. 

We’ve seen it done lots of different ways. Aaron and Katharine opted to have a special slow dance and invited their guest to stay with them. We filmed another wedding where the couples opted to slow dance while their guest left to set up for their exit. And for one wedding the couple chose to play that classic SHOUT song so that everyone (young or old) could dance with them one last time. 

While we were editing: Two of our best friends got married (to each other)!!!! It was so special because James and I were both in the wedding. It was such a good experience to be on the other side of the camera. We always want to be aware that everyone involved with the wedding plays a special part.  Standing beside my best friend on her wedding was a clear reminder that weddings are a milestone for everyone involved. So here's a shout out to all the bridesmaids and groomsmen featured in our films: We know you all have played a very special part in the lives of every couple we've filmed. Thank you for every thoughtful toast and every joyful smile! 

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