Kathy and Jono’s Southport, NC wedding

Kathy and Jono’s heart-felt ceremony set the tone for the entire day. They were married by their dear friend who also happens to be the owner of the bar where Kathy and Jono met. As he states in their film “If you hang out at the goat long enough, you’re going to fall in love.” (That bar where they met in Wilmington is called The Goat and Compass)

It’s clear these two are in love in the truest sense. Their relationship radiates life, laughter, and joy. 

It’s clear that Jono treasures Kathy. In his vows he tells the story of when he first met her:

"As I sat there across the room, trying to muster the confidence to go say 'hello', I had the thought run through my head: I wonder what it would be like to marry her." 

And Kathy’s closing sentence of her vows is probably one of my favorite ever… “let’s get really, really, really, really old together.”

What we loved about their wedding: Kathy and Jono planned an absolutely beautiful ceremony. It was so beautiful because it was so completely them. From the person they choose to officiate, to the poem that was read, to the vows they wrote, it was clear they were serious about the commitment they were making... but they were also seriously excited for the journey ahead! 

A bit of wisdom from the wedding: Don’t overlook your ceremony. Make sure the moment is special for both of you. If you love the idea of writing your own vows but hate the idea of having to read them (or memorize them) then consider writing the vows that your officiant will ask you to repeat. They don’t have to be long to be sincere.