Sarah and Paul's NC Adaumont Farm Wedding

James and I love editing weddings because the process is such a beautiful reminder of the unique stories we are all living. We love finding the connections from moment to moment as we recount what it felt like to be at a wedding. 

Being at Sarah and Paul’s wedding was such a joy. And for anyone who is dreading a cloudy wedding day, don’t despair The sky can still be a perfect backdrop for an awesome day.

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Want to see more from Sarah and Paul's NC Adaumont Farm Wedding? Check out the photographs by Carolyn Scott.

What we loved about their wedding: A moment of joy and hope isn't made in isolation. It's the combination of all our life experiences that teach us to trust that those moments… those really good moments in our life aren’t just good for us… somehow they are good for everyone. 

I'm talking about more than beautiful flowers, and lovely table decor. I'm talking about the kind of beautiful emotion that happens with or without the perfect weather - with or without flowers - with or without a white dress. I'm talking about the kinds of moments that go beyond weddings. The kind of moments we've all experienced that tell us that our life matters. The kind of moments that assure us, despite any doubts, that no matter how life plays out, we've never been and never will be alone. 

These thoughts resonate as we reflect on Sarah and Paul's wedding. 

I think it's because as we watched Sarah make the call to pack up the ceremony and bring it indoors, our hearts were encouraged because she refused to let it ruin the day. Sarah and Paul’s wedding day was filled with beautiful moments that had been building up for years. We LOVE that the bad weather and change of ceremony location didn’t steal their joy. 

Oh! And we also loved singing along to OutKast, because “Hey Ya” takes me right back to high school. 

Oh! And how could I forget that amazing father & daughter dance? 

There were lots of things to love.

A bit of wisdom from the wedding: Having a hard time picking a cake flavor? Why not lots of little cakes!!! Sarah and Paul had a table full of delicious cakes from MAXIE B’s. Yum! 

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