Blair & Kyle a Charlotte NC Wedding Video

Blair and Kyle are seriously some of the nicest people we have ever met. They are the kind of people who really listen when you talk. The kind of people who's faces light up when others around them are having a good time. The kind of people who's smile makes you smile. 

Wow, wow, WOW!! We absolutely love the preview film! Kyle and I watched it together and I cried, and then I immediately watched it three more times after that and cried again and again! You guys are so incredibly talented and we are SO appreciative of all the work that you all did to capture everything about our day so beautifully!
— Blair & Kyle

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Blair and Kyle-Blest Studios

What we loved most about creating their wedding film: Blair and Kyle had such a special rehearsal dinner. We laughed and we cried along with them as their family and friends shared hilarious and thoughtful stories about the journey that led them to their wedding day. We couldn't even begin to cover all the thoughtful and poignant things that were said that night in a 5 minute video (thank goodness they'll have the complete toast edit!). 

A bit of wisdom from the wedding: If you are a nearly-wed please, pleaseplease consider having your rehearsal dinner toasts filmed! We'd love to do it for you so that you have crystal clear audio and a beautiful image, but if that just isn't an option set up a home video camera on a tripod close enough so you can be sure those precious words are captured. Weddings are the one time in our culture where we publicly express how much we treasure the important people in our lives. 50 years from now those toasts will be priceless. 

While we were editing: James and I have been thinking a lot about time recently. Sometimes it feels like there is never enough time, doesn't it? It's easy to see how we can start to believe that time is against us. If we aren't careful from sunup to sundown we frame our lives around racing the clock... But what good is that? What good is believing there is never enough time?  Doesn't that thinking just kill your creative energy? And isn't time just a concept? It's a perspective we use to understand gravity, and the earth circling the sun, and the length of a day, and how to get to the party on time. I was talking to a wise friend the other day and she mentioned that the concept of time was established to bring order - not stress. Time is not against us. 

Looking for vendors? These folks were the vendor team for Blair and Kyle's Charlotte, NC Wedding: Pine Island Country Club, Charlotte, NC Wedding Reception Venue | Blest Studios, NC Photographer | Six Stlez, Party Band

Let the Blogging Begin: Shannon & Ryan a Greensboro Farm Wedding Video

So James and I have officially decided to try our hand at blogging. (It’s about time, right?) We’ve always been so apprehensive because in a strange way we sometimes think blogs can seem impersonal. But then again not doing a blog is very impersonal. So we saw a flaw in our logic. With all that being said, our goal is to create a blog that is personal… but not too personal… not like scary personal. Just the perfect amount of personal.

That being said it just felt right to start off our blogging journey with Shannon and Ryan’s Preview Film. 

WOW!!!! Ryan and I just watched the video for the first time, and we are so blown away. You captured the day so perfectly. It’s just the best representation of our wedding - so well done.
— Shannon & Ryan

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Greensboro Farm Wedding Video

What we loved most about creating their wedding film: Shannon and Ryan wrote incredibly heartfelt vows. For us those vows encompassed the joy of everything that unfolded on their wedding day. It especially resonated in the way the two of them looked at each other during their first dance. We loved that for the weeks we spent editing the couple's wedding film their song was stuck in our heads….”and you belong to me, not swallowed in the sea!”

A bit of wisdom from the wedding: We love outdoor weddings! We just feel more alive when we are outdoors, but we all know that enjoying the outdoors also means braving the weather. Shannon and Ryan were married on a beautifully hot day! To combat the heat they had a lemonade and water stand set up near the ceremony site. While their guests waited for the bride's grand entrance they were also able to stay hydrated. Thumbs up for thoughtfulness! 

While we were editing: The old farm house desperately needed new windows so James and I had the wonderful opportunity to practice editing in the middle of a construction zone. Seriously, there were times when I felt like we were on some strange HGTV reality show. But we were blessed with a great carpenter who helped us through the disappointing news of water damage in our bathroom and in the end we all survived! We learned a lot along the way. And in a surprising turn of events,  I think I might actually be up for a few more renovation projects. 

Looking for vendors? These folks were the vendor team for Ryan and Shannon Greensboro, NC Wedding: Coordinated Events, Greensboro Wedding Planner | Adaumont Farms, Greensboro Wedding Venue | Mark Potter,  Greensboro Photographer | Mario at K2 Productions, Greensboro DJ | Maxie B's, Greensboro Bakery | Sweet Basil's, Greensboro Caterer | Designs North, Greensboro Florist  | Salon Bailey's,  Greensboro Hair and Makeup