We appreciate your desire to invest in a wedding video

And we know that finding the right videographer can feel overwhelming at times, but we assure you the time and energy you put into the search will be worth it. To assist you in your research here are some answer to questions we are frequently asked. Please feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have. 

What makes us unique?

We want to offer the perspective of someone who truly participated in the joy and excitement of your celebration. If you choose us, we want you to be confident that when you watch your video 10, 20, 80 years from now you will feel like you are "in the moment" again, because the person holding the camera was truly in the moment to begin with.

How much do our films cost and what does the final product look like?

The total cost for filming anywhere in North Carolina is $3,850. Our package includes up to 8 hours of coverage on the day of the wedding. Additional hours can be added if they are needed.

Every couple receives a set of 3 DVDs and a Hard Drive. 

Each DVD includes: 

  • The Wedding Film. This film is a 6-8 minute artistic film that weaves together all the beautiful emotions we capture on the day of your wedding. (You can view those films on our films page and on our blog.) 
  • Important getting ready moments like putting on the dress, prayers, and letter exchanges
  • Your entire ceremony
  • All the speeches given on your wedding day
  • Your first dance
  • Any parent, sibling or grandparent dances

The Hard Drive includes:

  • A backup of everything on your DVDs to future proof your memories. 
  • A Deleted Scenes section that includes any fun pre-ceremony footage and reception footage that did not fit on your DVDs.

Our philosophy is simple: we want you to have access to all the important moments we film.

We also enjoy filming rehearsal dinner toasts. If you are interested, the total cost for filming the rehearsal dinner toasts and creating a specific “rehearsal toasts” edit on your DVDs and hard drive is $850. 

Do we travel outside North Carolina? How much will that add to the total?

We love to travel outside North Carolina. Often times we are able to travel to states that share a boarder with NC without an additional travel fee. Please use our contact form to receive an exact quote for travel.

This all sounds perfect! How do we move forward?

We want you to be confident our personalities will be a beautiful compliment to your wedding day, so let’s plan a time to meet! 

If Greensboro is a convenient location, we’d love to meet up in-person and take you out for dessert and/or coffee to celebrate your engagement and explain exactly what it is like to work with us..

If Greensboro is not a convenient, let’s plan a Skype or FaceTime call instead. 

Please use our contact form and send us a few times when you are available.